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Our goal is to restore hope to justice-involved youth who are serving extreme sentences. We need your help! Epicenter Initiative is a nonprofit that solely relies on support from people like you.

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Second Look Texas is an Epicenter Initiative which is a nonprofit that solely relies on support from people like you.

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We are actively looking for people with various skills to partner with us and make a difference. 

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Help us spread the word and raise awareness. Pick up some of our apparel and branding to help us give others second chances.
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Volunteer and partner with Second Look Texas.

We're looking for people who have special skills and a commitment to helping others get a second chance. Whether that is helping us with grant writing, social media, graphic design, or as a re-entry program unit volunteer — whatever you can do to help makes a difference!

Prison Units We Operate In

Allred, Beto, Boyd, Briscoe, Byrd, C.T. Terrell, Clemens, Clements, Coffield, Connally, Cotulla, Crain, Daniel, Darrington, Eastham, Ellis, Estelle, Ferguson, 6Garza West, Glossbrenner, Goree, Hightower, Hilltop, Hobby, Hodge, Holliday Hospital, Galveston, Hughes, Huntsville, Jester III, Jester IV, Jordan, Le Blanc, Lewis, Luther, McConnell, Michael, Middleton, Montford, Mountain View, Murray, Neal, Pack, Polunsky, Powledge, Ramsey, Roach, Robertson, Scott, Skyview, Smith, Stevenson, Stiles, Stringfellow, Telford, Torres, Wallace, Willacy County, Wynne, Young