Reaz Ahmed has been incarcerated since 1996, and at the age of 16, he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 85 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. During the last 27 years, he has invested most of his time into rehabilitating himself through educational programs.

After completing his GED, he finished two college trades, an associate degree in liberal arts, a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science, and a Master’s degree in Humanities. Aside from his educational accomplishments, he has several on-the-job training and dozens of certifications. He understands the value of education and considers himself a student in life.

He has always remained active in his prison community, volunteering, and self-creating programs. Two programs are dear to his heart: 1) The Parole Packet Workshop, where he educates other inmates on how to write their own parole packet. 2) The Lee College – Huntsville Debate team. He has been in Toast Masters and facilitated his own public speaking class. Currently, he is serving as a Peer Educator.

He is passionate about Crafting and has learned the art of metalworking.

During the last four years, he has built a successful metal business at the Huntsville unit craft shop. Following his success, he has invested his time in training others while employing a few.

Most importantly, he is committed to his purpose in helping others. Therefore, he takes his leadership responsibilities seriously and continues to serve as a positive role model, Educator, and Influencer in the prison community.