Who are they?

  1. What is a Second Looker?
    • Any youthful offender who was given a lengthy adult sentence (40+ years) and has already served 20+ years.

  1. How did we get here?
    • Texas Tough on Crime Era
    • 1994 Crime Bill
    • Super Predator Theory

  1. How many Youthful Offenders with extreme sentences do we have in Texas?
    • 1,343 with extreme sentences
      • Have served 20+ years: 897
      • Have served 19 years or less: 446

Second Looker Sentences

  • Texas Second Lookers have
    served an average of 27 years.

  • The average age of incarceration is 16 years old.

  • Second Look sentence breakdown:
    • Capital Life: 373
    • 40 – 49  years: 326
    • Life: 237
    • 50 – 59 years: 163
    • 60- 79 years: 154
    • 80 – 198 years: 80
    • Life w/o Parole: 10

Second Looker by Race

The data reveals a disproportionate representation with 45% identified as Black, 35% Hispanic, 18% White, and a negligible 1% from other racial groups. These percentages underscore the racial dynamics among the population eligible for sentence reassessment under "Second Look" policies.

Racial Divide In The 1990’S

Texas Population in 1990

Texas Population in 2000


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